HeadsetPresenter turns your Bluetooth Headset into the probably most versatile Windows remote controller available. For instance imagine giving a presentation and instead of having to be close to the keyboard or holding a mouse you will use the smallest presentation controller available, and it is yours for a bargain since you already own the hardware. Impress your audience, use the whole stage, use the whole room, use the HeadsetPresenter.

Starting in version 3.0 HeadsetPresenter is no longer limited to PowerPoint but can control any given Windows application. It comes preconfigured with the most common applications like PowerPoint, Media Player and iTunes but the user can easily add custom programs to control. Version 3.0 also features integrated Speech control possibilities. Speech recognition in combination with the button control makes the HeadsetPresenter one of the most competent presentation devices on the market, all at a price that is just a fraction of what other devices cost.

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